42-year-old Woman Arrested For Stealing to Feed Gambling Habit

A 42-year-old woman lost an average of $30,000 a month at a casino. This was before the woman was arrested for stealing to fuel her gambling addiction. Christine Keenan, the woman who is arrested, spent more than $6 million over three years at the Dunedin Casino in New Zealand.

Dunedin Casino’s might be suspended for failing to identify a problem gambler. This is the remark of the Department of Internal Affairs, it is attempted to suspend the license of Dunedin Casino in a landmark hearing.

Dermot Harris, casino’s gambling inspector told hearing today management at the casino had approached Ms. Keenan about her huge spending – having reach an amount of $352,000 in March.

Ms Keenan became aware that she was being traced and therefore decided to stop using her casino cards said Mr. Harris. Mr. Harris also added that because Ms. Keenan had stopped using her credit card he suggested that her gambling routine came in moderation.

However, the Department of Internal affairs lawyer Mark Woolford said the true extent of her gambling was not being reflected on the casino’s records.

Mr. Harris was asked by Mr. Woolford is Ms. Keenan was approached to offer help. Mr. Harris answered, Ms. Keenan knew that the management was watching her and she knew the hotline number by heart.

In the hearing held July 31st 2006, Ms. Keenan sold her house already, used money from her marriage settlement, spent her inheritance, and stole from her employer to feed her gambling needs.

As Ms. Keenan left the casino she was arrested on the spot and held for 11 counts theft and was jailed for three years. The hearing is set down for three days. And for the Dunedin casino could be suspended for up to six months.