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Online gambling has been growing and has become a fiercely competitive industry. This is evident when one examines the top online casino software providers and their portfolios. Microgaming offers more than 400 games, giving players the advantage of variety. Rival Gaming on the other hand, has only about 60 games in its portfolio. The question […]

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How to Place a Blocking Bet in Poker

Encountering tough decisions in poker is almost unavoidable, much like in real life, but thankfully, in poker, a solemn trick helps you overcome some of them, if not all. Not only can you set a price for yourself to see some other card with the help of a blocking bet in poker, but also overcome […]

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How to Play 90 Ball Bingo

Bingo is a game enjoyed all over the world with a large following in the U.K. as well as the United States. One version of bingo that is getting a lot of attention among online gamers is 90 ball bingo.

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3 Play Super Aces Video Poker

Super Aces is a video poker game based on Jacks or Better, the most common video poker game found in casinos. In Super Aces, the player typically gets a very large payout for hands

10 Most Profitable Blackjack Hands

How many different starting hands can you get when you play blackjack? If you forget about card suits which have no role in blackjack, and consider that the picture cards and the 10 are essentially equivalent there are 33 possible hands. They are grouped below into hard hands, soft hands, and pairs. The hard hands […]

3 Reel Slots

The slot machine (sometimes called the one armed bandit) is the most ubiquitous game found in the modern casino. It was invented about 100 years ago in the San Francisco area during the gold rush. The game was originally placed in bars, and to get around gambling laws, the player would play for free drinks.